Join the Team

What an amazing economy we have here in Houston, TX – and such a booming industry! But isn’t there more to just having a job or growing a business? Absolutely! Here at Lighthouse, we are seeking to make a difference. We believe in giving back.

Since 2014, over 20% of our profits each year have gone to support amazing causes. Here are a few examples of ministries we support: 

Lighthouse is looking for team members with passion in the following areas:

  • Ambition, including personal and professional growth
  • Driven to excellence
  • Excitement about using the latest technologies to help business keep people safe and assets secure
  • Gratitude to live in this country, achieve opportunity in business, and receive blessings in life
  • Joy in helping customers, colleagues, and other people in our path
  • Belief that his/her attitude is a choice, and a great attitude is the best choice


Honoring God By Solving Real Problems With The Right Technology Solutions