Join the Team

What an amazing economy we have here in Houston TX – and such a booming industry! But isn’t there more to just having a job or growing a business? Absolutely, here at Lighthouse we are seeking to make a difference. We believe in giving back. Since 2014, over 20% of our profits each year have gone to support amazing causes such as Covenant House (helping homeless youth), Lighthouse Ministries (assisting low income families), International Mission programs (food, shelter, spiritual development), Local Churches, and so much more. We look for team members with passions:

  1. Ambition to grow personally and professionally
  2. Drive for excellence
  3. Excited about using the latest technologies to PREVENT crime, injury, business losses and more
  4. Grateful (to live in this country, business opportunities, and blessings in general)
  5. Enjoys helping others (our customers, our team members, our fellow man)
  6. Radiates great attitude (we believe that attitudes are a choice and a great attitude is the best choice)