Access Control Systems in Houston, Texas

We design and install access control (keyless entry) solutions for business that range from a single door to enterprise-class. Click on one of the solutions below for more details:

    Simple but powerful access control solution

    Access Control Manager (ACM) Embedded Controller is a 100 percent browser-based entry level access control system designed for projects securing 16 doors of access or fewer. This unique solution uses open field hardware from HID Global combined with factory installed software from Avigilon that aligns with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

    Most access systems in the market connect to a physical server optimized for installations requiring a high number of doors, tens of thousands of cardholders and enough room for large amounts of transactional storage. This translates to greater system costs even for smaller projects that do not require all that processing power. ACM Embedded Controller removes the need for a server, enabling the HID controller to act as both the server and decision maker for the access system.

    This in turn reduces installation time – from hours to minutes, simplifies programming, provides a simple user interface for personnel to operate and manage and includes all the power that small systems need to achieve full performance at a lower cost of ownership. Avigilon’s ACM Embedded Controller access system is ideal for small sized businesses, educational facilities, property management companies, retail locations, health clinics, dental offices and more.

    Some of the key features and benefits of this solution are:

    Support for Most Major Web Browsers
    Provides a broad spectrum of compatible browsers to choose from, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

    Email Notification
    Critical events can be sent directly to security personnel, improving incident response times.

    Offline Mode
    Enables valid access to a door even when the reader module is not communicating to the controller.

    Setup in Minutes
    Automatically configures access doors, inputs and outputs after each interface panel is created enabling faster deployment of the access system.

    Database Backup
    Easily backup all configuration and transactional data over a web browser, saving you valuable time.

    Configurable Web Address
    Improves web navigation by allowing a custom IP address or host name to be defined.

    Simplified Design
    Part of what makes ACM Embedded Controller simple and easy-to-use is the ability to allow the system to manage itself. With email notifications, critical system events can be sent to key personnel, alerting them to take action. What’s more, ACM Embedded Controller includes time saving features, such as the ability to quickly lock or unlock a door. This can be done locally or from a remote location.

    Simplified user interface
    Being able to manage the access control system from virtually any location provides the operator with the ability to quickly suspend access privileges to a card holder, run a detailed personnel report or remotely backup valuable data.

    Another Video for the Avigilon embedded controller

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    Powerful Access Control Solution

    Our primary line of access control is Avigilon. Avigilon’s Access Control Manager (ACM) system is an IT-friendly Physical Access Control System (PACS) for enterprise-class installations. It’s a complete solution that is designed to help you focus on securing your people, property and assets, while giving you the flexibility to respond to alerts wherever you are. The ACM system is equipped with a full set of standard features and integrates with IT and human resources solutions, reducing the risk of duplicate data entry.

    Some of the key features and benefits of the Avigilon solution are:

    Low Total Cost of Ownership
    There is no server or client software to install and no costly client licensing, annual software or support agreements to renew.

    Retain Existing Investments
    Capitalize on company investment in existing hardware by moving from proprietary or unsupported hardware to the ACM system.

    Synchronize Identities from Other Sources
    Integrate with external identity management solutions to connect IT and physical security systems together.

    System Redundancy
    Includes an optional hot standby-auto failover solution that automatically saves policies, settings and identities from any one primary appliance to a standby appliance, keeping the most critical data safe.

    Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
    Map enterprise roles such as departments, locations and titles with physical access, to enforce policy restrictions and meet regulations.

    Some of the most notable features of this solution are:
    • 100% browser-based PACS
    • Event and alarm management
    • Hot standby-auto failover
    • Global anti-passback
    • Global linkages and actions
    • Timed access (temporary cardholder authorization)
    • Global synchronization of access information (replication)
    • Role-based authorizations and policy enforcement
    • Graphical floor plans and maps
    • Video interface and verification (door event management with Avigilon Control Center™ software)
    • Mustering (emergency tracking and reporting)
    • ACM Verify™ browser (verify attendance without physical readers)
    • Biometric integration
    • Intrusion integration
    • Priority door action

    The standard hardware we utilize for these Access Control Application include but not limited to the following:


    • Mercury Security Controllers and Sub Panels
    • HID Global VertX EVO™ Controllers and VertX Sub Panels
    • LifeSafety Power: Enclosure Kits and Power Supplies


    • HID Global: iClass® Series - iClass SR, iClass SE, MultiClass® SE and iClass Seos®
    • Allegion: aptiQ™, XceedID Series - MIFARE® DESFire® EV1
    • Farpointe Data: Pyramid, Delta®, Ranger® Series
    • and more

    This Avigilon platform is also compatible to integrate with:

    • Bosch Alarm Panels - Midrange and Commercial Series
    • VIRDI Biometrics
    • Allegion Wireless Locks - AD/NDE/LE Series
    • ASSA ABLOY Wireless Locks: Aperio Series
    • HID EasyLobby®: Visitor Management
    • and more

    Your IT department will be very glad to know that it supports the following 3rd party databases:

    • LDAP
    • Active Directory
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle RDBMS
    • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
    • XML (Event Push)

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